kszucs opened a new pull request #7584:
URL: https://github.com/apache/arrow/pull/7584

   The original motivation for this patch was to reuse the same conversions 
path for both the scalars and arrays. 
   In my recent patch the scalars are converted from a single element list to a 
single element array then copied out from it.
   On the long term we should convert them directly, perhaps with a more 
generic converter API, until that this patch aims to reduce code complexity 
without introducing any regressions.
   I checked the produced binary size:
   -rwxr-xr-x   1 kszucs  staff   2926832 Jun 29 23:07 
   # AFTER
   -rwxr-xr-x   1 kszucs  staff   2869136 Jun 29 23:06 
   ============ ========== =========
       type       before     after     
   ------------ ---------- ---------
      int32      13.2±0ms   13.2±0m
      uint32     13.4±0ms   14.8±0m
      int64      16.4±0ms   13.7±0m
      uint64     13.0±0ms   17.4±0m
     float32     13.5±0ms   16.0±0m
     float64     16.3±0ms   14.7±0m
       bool      12.0±0ms   12.0±0m
     decimal     61.1±0ms   65.0±0m
      binary     19.1±0ms   18.2±0m
     binary10    17.9±0ms   17.4±0m
      ascii      26.0±0ms   25.9±0m
     unicode     81.4±0ms   111±0m
    int64 list   145±0ms    152±0m
      struct     229±0ms    212±0m
   ============ ========== =========
   ==================== ========= ========
           type          before     after
   -------------------- --------- --------
          int32          129±0ms   135±0m
          uint32         139±0ms   134±0m
          int64          132±0ms   139±0m
          uint64         135±0ms   132±0m
         float32         149±0ms   131±0m
         float64         143±0ms   141±0m
           bool          126±0ms   130±0m
         decimal         139±0ms   135±0m
          binary         145±0ms   130±0m
         binary10        136±0ms   130±0m
          ascii          145±0ms   136±0m
         unicode         148±0ms   149±0m
        int64 list       174±0ms   176±0m
          struct         164±0ms   177±0m
    struct from tuples   165±0ms   169±0m
   ==================== ========= ========
   ============ ========= ========
       type      before    after   
   ------------ --------- --------
      int64      157±0ms   158±0m
     float64     155±0ms   153±0m
       bool      155±0ms   154±0m
     decimal     249±0ms   233±0m
      binary     167±0ms   162±0m
      ascii      181±0ms   154±0m
     unicode     179±0ms   171±0m
    int64 list   188±0ms   192±0m
      struct     177±0ms   181±0m
   ============ ========= ========

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