Hello there

We've got a git repository that consists of a number of files that are
all formatted in textile, and used to be our git-wiki content.  The
file names are all the page names, and they have no extenstions.



I've just switched the new wiki on in that repository, and now I want
to link to the already created and textile formatted files in that

My idea is then to use the wiki front end from github as our internal
documentation wiki.

I'd rather do this than build another application to mimic what the
github wiki does and use the Gollum API, as github have already done a
far better job than I can do.

Can someone give me a hand?  I've tried putting a link to the already
created files in the home page


But all that does is to create a link on the home page, and when I
click on it the wiki attempts to make a new page.

I really don't want to manually import all this information.

Any help, greatly appreciated.

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