On 20 March 2011 23:34, tsc9 <stepp.timo...@gmail.com> wrote:
> My current RoR workflow seems to be inefficient. My rails application
> requires a gem that points to a private repository on GitHub. I have
> cloned this repository and am pushing local edits to origin/master.
> Every time I make a change to the gem, I have to commit, push, "bundle
> update" and restart the app to see the changes. What's the more
> efficient approach to gem edits in the development environment?

The Gemfile accepts a local path to specify your gem:

gem "nokogiri", :path => "~/sw/gems/nokogiri"

You could put this in your development group, and have the public Git
URL in your deployment group. Of course, you're then responsible for
manually checking that your local copy of the gem matches what is in
the GitHub repository.

The Bundler mailng list might be a good place for in-depth Bundler questions:



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