I've got a weird situation I need help with.  I'm working with a group
of incarcerated software developers whose work needs to be
synchronized with the outside.  Prisoners, of course, are not allowed
access to the Internet, although they have their own intranet inside
the prison.

The group inside the prison has a Subversion repository that's working
just fine.  The group outside is using git.  There's no direct network
communication allowed, but I'm the guy who gets to take a laptop in
and out of the prison once a week.

What I'd like to do is have a sandbox on my laptop.  I'd like to take
it into prison and update from their Subversion, then commit the
changes from outside to their Subversion repository.  (This, of
course, means that I have to svn:ignore the .git directory.) Then I'd
like to take the laptop back out and do a git add/commit/push sequence
to github so that the folks outside can pull those changes.  Then, the
next week, of course, I want to pull changes down from github into the
laptop sandbox and take it in again.

The problem I'm having is the .gitignore file.  I can't be uploading
Subversion's .svn directories to git; I need them to be ignored by
git.  But nothing I'm trying seems to be working.  My latest attempt
at .gitignore looks like this:


(Perhaps you sense my desperation.) But git doesn't seem to be
ignoring anything other than the .gitignore file.

Can anybody see what I'm doing wrong?  Maybe my whole concept is


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