Hello all,

I am trying to get a docker-executor based runner to run multiple CI/CD 
jobs in parallel (either same project or shared among multiple projects), 
and I'm running into an issue where the second job is not able to start 
after the first one has started, and is failing with the following message:

Using Docker executor with image docker:latest ...
Starting service docker:dind ...
Pulling docker image docker:dind ...
Using docker image docker:dind 
for docker service...
ERROR: Preparation failed: Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at 
unix:///var/run/docker.sock. Is the docker daemon running?

I am using the 'docker-in-docker' as a service so I can have access to the 
'docker' command in my job.  I have 'concurrency' set to 4 in my 

concurrent = 4
check_interval = 0

  name = "Gitlab Runner 01"
  url = "https://gitlab.example.org/";
  token = "1234567890abcdef1234567890"
  executor = "docker"
    tls_verify = false
    image = "docker:latest"
    privileged = true
    disable_cache = false
    volumes = ["/cache"]
    shm_size = 0

Is there some limitation on how many simultaneous 'docker' commands can be 
running at once?  Or, is my runner incorrectly configured?

Appreciate any help in advance.


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