Dear Colleagues, 

If you are... 

- an IT consultant with nonprofit clients 
- an IT professional who is on staff at a nonprofit organization 
- a member of the Nonprofit Open Source movement 
- a member of the Community Technology Center movement 
- a member of the "Circuit Rider" movement 
- a nonprofit professional who has become an "accidental techie" 
- an activist or advocate who wants to go online to expand your outreach
- a nonprofit management support professional who needs to learn more
about IT
- an idealistic professional who is considering a career in IT for
nonprofit organizations

..then it's time to considering attending Roundup 2002.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 

*What is the Roundup? 
It's an annual conference for individuals and organizations working in
nonprofit technology -- a great opportunity to meet peers and build
relationships, share resources and ideas, and learn more about what's
happening in the field. Originally a US-based movement, in the last few
years, there's been a great deal of international interest, especially
in the developing world. Last years roundup had attendees from Europe,
the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. For more information on why you
should attend, please go to <$25>.

*When is the Roundup? 
April 11-14, 2002. Check out the Roundup schedule of events at$21 .

*Where is the Roundup? 
Orlando, FL. See the roundup hotels and reserve a room now:$22

*How much does it cost to attend? 
The registration fee is $250. This includes meals! Limited scholarships
will be available -- see$23 for

*How do I register? 
Go to$23

*Are airfare discounts available? 
Yes -- check out$24

*Will there be a day of service this year? 
Yes -- volunteers are needed! See$26 for details.

* Can I help to spread the word about Roundup 2002? 
Yes! If you'd like to get involved, go to$27 .


If you have other concerns or questions, please feel free to email
Deborah Finn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>; She'll be happy to refer you
to a member of the Roundup 2002 Committee who can give you a definitive

Many thanks and best regards,
Bill Lester 
(Member, Roundup 2002 Outreach Committee) 

William A. Lester 
CTO/Director of Technology 
a program of EngenderHealth 
440 Ninth Avenue 
New York, NY 10001 
(Office) 212.561.8002 (eFax) 212.202.5167 
"The Means to The Mission"

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