Fantsuam Foundation <> is collaborating with Kabissa
<> to provide email and internet services for
Not-for-Profit organizations (including tertiary educational and health
institutions) in Nigeria with particular interest in those operating in
rural communities where wireless access appears the most viable
option. We are also currently working with another group to develop a
Linux server that is robust enough for use over poor telephone
connections. We have heard of the use of 802.11 technology for
rural networks, but we are yet to have an experience of it.

We will therefore like to participate in this initiative. Please keep us
informed and involved. Thanks.

John Dada

Programs Director
Fantsuam Foundation (
Winners of the first Hafkin Africa Prize for 2001
Bayanloco, Adjacent LEA Primary School,
PO Box 58
Kafanchan. NIGERIA
Nigeria Charity Reg No KDS/YC/99/2897
tel 00881631447772
UK Charities Commission, Reg Charity No 1078142
Working in partnership with women in rural communities to facilitate
access to microcredit and ICT services for health and education.

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