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Broadcasters create forum to push children's radio
Broadcasters from all over the world have come together to create the
World Radio Forum to strengthen the links between all sectors for the
support and promotion of radio produced for, with and by children and
youth. The forum has just launched its Website. Have a look at what they
are about.

Africa gets supercomputer for HIV, genome research
The first supercomputer in Africa devoted specifically to research is
now operational. The supercomputer will be used for research tasks that
include greater understanding of HIV and better analysis of human

Internet touches lives of Iranian villagers
Shahkooh, a village 240 miles from Tehran, has built a computer lab to
help all interested villagers become computer literate. Classes are free
and the village has its own Farsi-language Website,
<> Two dozen villagers have become entrepreneurs
and the Website is used to market local crafts.

India's digital library stokes controversy
India's new Traditional Knowledge Digital Library, meant to preserve and
protect the country's biodiversity and traditional knowledge, has come
in for criticism. Activists fear it may provide biopirates the fodder
they are looking for.

R&D grants available for Asia-Pacific ICT proposals
The ICTs for Research and Development Grants programme is now accepting
proposals. The programme aims to promote an R&D environment for
Internet-based applications, systems, and policy research in the
Asia-Pacific region. The last date for submitting proposals is 15 July

Techniques, policies needed to preserve digital knowledge
An enormous trove of digital information covering all areas of human
endeavour could be lost if specific techniques and policies are not
developed to conserve it, the United Nations Educational Scientific and
Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has warned.

Indian rural markets being connected for real time prices
India's efforts to network more than 7,000 agricultural markets have
begun with 72 markets in the southern state of Karnataka being
networked. The network will provide farmers real time prices and other
farming information.


ICTs for indigenous women in Bolivia
The participatory action research of OMAK, an indigenous women's
organisation in Bolivia, shows that there is a need for developing a
methodology that allows women to access information themselves.

Success Stories

Zambia uses ICT-based development  to avoid isolation
In order to avoid isolation in the developing knowledge society, Zambia
has initiated various development activities based on effective use of
ICTs. A national network and think-tank of NGOs is helping the
government to formulate a common vision for ICT-supported development.


A mailing list devoted to gender aspects of ICTs
The ICT Net is an e-mail based discussion list through which the
"Virtual Seminar Series" on Gender and ICTs is being held. Join the list
to exchange research-based knowledge and information through discussions
and background materials.


Open and distance learning for community and social development
Mon 1 July 2002 - Mon 15 July 2002
A virtual conference

This forum, hosted by the National Association of Distance Education
Organisations of South Africa, is the sixth in a series of free,
e-mail-based virtual conferences leading up to the Pan-Commonwealth
Forum on Open Learning.

Expert Meeting on e-Strategies: Electronic Commerce Strategies for
Wed 10 July 2002 - Fri 12 July 2002
Geneva, Switzerland

The main objective of the meeting is to discuss various elements of
national e-commerce strategies as an integral part of policies to
promote participation in the information society.

Introduction to Using the Internet Workshop - Yerevan, Armenia
Wed 10 July 2002 - Fri 12 July 2002

This is a three-day, hands-on workshop to introduce the Internet and its
possible uses in the fields of teaching, learning and research to
academic librarians in developing and transitional countries.

Second International Conference on Information Technology and Economic
Wed 10 July 2002 - Fri 12 July 2002
Manchester, New Hampshire, USA

The conference presents a platform for participants from the US and
around the world to share information and insight on the impact of
information technology on economic development.

International Conference on Cultural Attitudes towards Technology and
Fri 12 July 2002 - Mon 15 July 2002
Montreal, Canada

This biennial conference aims to provide an international forum for the
presentation and discussion of cutting-edge research on how diverse
cultural attitudes shape the implementation and use of information and
communication technologies.

World Civil Society Forum
Sun 14 July 2002 - Fri 19 July 2002
Geneva, Switzerland

The World Civil Society Forum will encompass different areas of interest
to civil society, including the environment, health, human rights,
education and information technology. The Forum will pay particular
attention to organizations in developing countries and of indigenous

Education Technology 2002
Wed 24 July 2002 - Fri 26 July 2002
Arlington, Virginia, United States

The conference will focus on new technologies as well as existing
applications which have been successfully utilized for some years.  For
more information, visit

2nd Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning
Mon 29 July 2002 - Fri 2 August 2002
Durban, South Africa

The forum will examine open and distance learning in a broad range of
applications. It will showcase what is achievable with vision, concern
for the learner, effective learning and learning facilitation, and
utilising and increasing appropriate use of technology. Agendas ranging
from the eradication of illiteracy (the scourge of the under-developed)
to postgraduate and professional education will again be aired.  Keynote
and plenary presentations will set the context for the Forum and the
agenda for the doorway to the new millennium of open and distance
learning in the Commonwealth.

ACT 2002: The African Computing & Telecommunications Summit
Mon 5 August 2002 - Thu 8 August 2002
Nairobi, Kenya

The African Computing & Telecommunications Summit is the continent's top
gathering of IT users, suppliers, service providers, policy-makers and

The World Summit on Sustainable Development
Mon 26 August 2002 - Wed 4 September 2002
Johannesburg, South Africa

The Johannesburg summit will bring together tens of thousands of
participants, including heads of state, national delegates, businesses
and leaders from NGOs. The summit will focus on actions toward meeting
difficult challenges, including improving people's lives and conserving
our natural resources.

ITiRA 2002: Information Technology in Regional Areas
Tue 27 August 2002 - Thu 29 August 2002
Rockhampton, Australia

The Conference aims to examine strategies, research and applications for
the introduction and use of Information Technology in Regional Areas.
For more information, visit

Multimedia Asia 2002
Thu 5 September 2002 - Sat 7 September 2002
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This year's theme, "Agenda eAsia: Sustainable E-Business Strategies in a
Globalised Environment," looks into how to sustain businesses in the
midst of rapid development of information and communication technology.

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