Jhai Foundation is in need of plans for the conversion of bicycles for
electric power generation. We have tried using a bicycle with a simple
roller generator and have found that method unsuitable. We need a design
which include a flywheel and a generator capable of supplying 5 - 10
amperes of direct current at 12 volts. It should be rugged enough to
last 10 years with daily use.

Information about plans, kits, or other resources can be sent to:

Jhai Foundation's Remote IT Village project has as its objectives the
creation of a wireless Local Area Network that will serve the needs of
rural villagers in Laos. Villagers in areas without electricity or
telephony will connect through the network to the Lao telephone system
to make voice phone calls within Laos. They will connect to the Internet
to make Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol (VOIP) calls internationally.
Villagers have requested these capabilities to support sales of rice and
other crops within Laos, and to arrange sales of handwoven textiles
overseas. They will also communicate with expatriate family members.

At the core of Remote IT Village is the Jhai PC. This rugged,
solid-state computer has extremely low power requirements, and will run
a version of Linux localized for the Lao language. The Jhai PC will be
powered by gel batteries charged by foot-crank generator. (The
foot-crank generator has been chosen over solar to ensure adequate power
during the rainy season.)

Jhai Foundation has determined that it will be advantageous to produce
foot-crank generators within Laos.

For more information about the Remote IT Village project, please see:




Many thanks, 

Ed Gaible

Edmond Gaible, Ph.D.

350 Townsend Street, ste 309
San Francisco CA 94107

+1 415 543 6643 / 415 863 6398

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