Dear Friends,

The summaries of discussions on the first topic of Knowledge Societies
in our online discussion forum 'Information Society: Voices from the
South' are available now on the Web.

The discussions in this forum, being run by Digital Opportunity Channel
in partnership with Bytes for All, began May 15, 2003 under the theme of
'Information Society: What does it mean for the South?'

This discussion, which continued for over a month, was then split into
three sub-topics:

*  Should ICT be always associated with Information Society? 
*  Information society for grassroots development: Who takes the most
important role (of the information intermediaries)?
*  Indigenous knowledge and information for local needs: How to collect,
process and deliver that?

You can read the summary of the discussions over the main theme at
You can find links to the summaries of the sub-topics from therein.

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Kanti Kumar
Editor, Digital Opportunity Channel
OneWorld South Asia
New Delhi, India

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