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I am passing the invite without the attachment - please contact Mr. Can
Atacik at WBI <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> or Patricia Mccall at UN DESA
<[EMAIL PROTECTED]> for it and for being included!


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Dear Invitees:

The Financing for Development Office of the United Nations Department of
Economic and Social Affairs and the Private Sector Development Program
of the World Bank Institute are organizing a two-week Global
e-Conference on Implementing the Monterrey Consensus: Governance Roles
of Public, Private and Advocacy Stakeholders from September 29 to
October 10, 2003.  The main objective of this online dialogue is to
provide an opportunity for participants from around the world to share
their expertise and ideas on the Monterrey Consensus and the
implementation process and to provide these views to the official
international community. That is, a summary of the e-conference will be
provided as an input to the first global follow up the International
Conference on Financing for Development held in Monterrey, Mexico in

The global follow up will take the form of a High-Level Dialogue (HLD)
on Financing for Development in the United Nations General Assembly New
York, 29 - 30 October 2003. The HLD includes a day of quadripartite
round tables (governments, international institutions, business and
civil society), and a day with an innovative open dialogue for all major
stakeholders in the General Assembly.  The HLD will be preceded by a
half-day consultation with civil society and half day consultation with
the private sector. After the Dialogue, governments will seek to agree
in the Assembly on new implementation steps to better realize the
promises of Monterrey.

The e-Conference is structured around two general topics.  Week 1 (Sept.
29-Oct. 3) will focus on the future of the Monterrey Consensus and the
progress that has been made thus far.  Week 2 (Oct. 6-10) will focus on
issues of global economic governance and the role of public, private and
advocacy stakeholders, including opportunities for public-private

We are pleased to invite you to participate in this e-conference. You
could read the messages posted in this e-conference, and if you have
expertise in a particular topic, we would encourage you to contribute to
the discussion. The detailed agenda is attached to this invitation.

Below please visit to
register for e-conference and to access the agenda, background readings
and short bios of the moderators.

Please feel free to contact Mr. Can Atacik at WBI
if you have any questions.

Barry Herman                                  Djordjija Petkoski
Chief, Policy Analysis and Development        Lead Specialist
Financing for Development Office              World Bank Institute

(See attached file: Implementing the Monterrey

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