Hi Yacine,

Can you send the source of the information that you got regarding the
use of women in telecentres?.

As you know, [EMAIL PROTECTED] network <www.tele-centros.org>, is a
community based telecentres network of Latin America and the Caribbe and
we are looking for ways to work very closely in Jamaica with the
University, Sustainable Development network and the ICT4D platform, to
support the initiatives community base telecentres. One of the biggest
problems that they raised is that there does not exist connectivity in
rural areas in Jamaica, and no social use and appropriation of ICT's to
attend to the demands of most of the population.

I would appreciate if you send the source of information, as I am very
interested in developing synergism.

Regarding youth and your question. Of course, we got lots of examples
and contacts, you can go to the web site of [EMAIL PROTECTED] and the
stories so far.

One example is the Street children project in Esmeraldas. They already
got a mircroenterprise based on their skills to maintain computers.
Collection of stories and contacts you find also in the web site of
[EMAIL PROTECTED] You will also find examples in Brazil and with the
Itchimbia telecentres on how youth develop a microenterprise of
recycling paper using the telecentre, there are other cases in Argentina
and Chile as well.

Hope this helps,


Yacine Khelladi wrote:

> Hello from Jamaica, were I'm participating in the design of an ICT
> community program
> Strangely here the problem is the opposite. In rural areas 70% of the
> cybercafes/telecenter users are women, in capital town it is around 50%,
> but those who do apply for training are 75% women. It's general in the
> country, for example, 70% of the students of the University of West Indies
> in Jamaica are women.
> This is of course starting at schools, where most boys quit early, and
> girls continue.
> So the problem here might be to design strategies to get more men,
> particularly boys and teens, into empowering them-self's, in and through
> ICTs, and get them off the street, where crime is often their only
> option...
> Any country had to deal with similar situation?

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