It is high time to find a technology that will end this holy cow
computerisation, so typical of India. I don't know if this attitude
holds in other 3rd world countries too.

The same thing happenned in several organisations including banks and
commercial firms throughout the 70s to the 90s, that the first wave of
computerisation pervaded various sectors of the Indian economy. With
computerisation of records and information, data-entry operators and
those authorised to allow access or process outputs became the new power
centres, instead of becoming catalysts for efficiency.

However, with progrssively less complex technology, increased computing
power in desktop machines, advent of the Net, widespread, networked and
cheaper PCs, this power of information is slowly being disseminated to
the direct beneficiaries intended to be served, i.e. customers,
tax-payers, citizens at large, etc.

One expected that with the integration of cheap and powerful hand-helds
like the Simputer and slew of Linux boxes, this dissemination would
receive a shot in the arm, but we seem to have hit a speed-breaker here

Udit Chaudhuri - Independent Technical Writer

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