Regarding Karin Delgadillo's posting on the social use and appropriation
of ICTs in Jamica you may be interested to learn of the work of some of
Computer Aid's partners.

Computer Aid has sent professionally refurbished PCs to Kingston School
to St Patrick's Youth Training Project and on two occasions to the
Jamaica Society for the Blind.

In the later case we have supplied 170 PCs fitted with adaptive
technologies for sight impaired and blind users in association with
another UK NGO, Sight Savers International. Voice recognition software
and other output enhancements enable users to develop vocational skills
and join mainstream education and recreational activities as well as
accessing email and the internet.

Blind led organisations from other Latin American and Caribbean
countries are participating in this innovative project inlcuding
Trinidad and Tobago, Antigua, St. Vincent, Guyana, and Belize.

Computer Aid International is a non-profit organisation registered as a
charity with the government in England and Wales. We are the world's
largest and most experienced non-profit supplier of quality refurbished
Pentium computers to non-profits in developing countries. We have
supplied almost 25,000 fully refurbished PCs to where they are most
needed in schools, colleges and community organisations in 80 different

Kind regards

Tony Roberts
Chief Executive 
Computer Aid International

433 Holloway Road
London, N7 6LJ. UK.
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7281 0091

Registered Charity no. 1069256
Registered Company no. 3442679  


This message was sent to you using a quality Pentium PC fully
refurbished by Computer Aid International.

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