Global Learn Day VII will chart a new course this year. We hope you will
join us.

Here's a snapshot:

We will hold a virtual "training" session, aimed both at presenters and
technologists interested in how we hold a 24 hour interactive event with
large reach and small budget

ON SUNDAY, OCTOBER 12 - Children's Day and Global Learn Day in Brazil
Our Brazilian partners will be celebrating Children Day which Franklin
will be webcasting. This celebration will last about four hours. On
Global Learn Day VII, November 16, we will return to Brazil and feature
highlights from Children's Day plus subsequent commentary about novel
learning programs in Brazil <>.

ON SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 16 - Global Learn Day VII
Our non-stop 24 hour event - with stops in 24 time zones -  will take
place Sunday, November 16. It will also serve to "kickoff" 
International Education Week <>.  Along
with other presenters, GLD VII will showcase the ten Founding Members of
Friendship Through Education 
<>. The theme will be
Friendship Through Education.

Please join us. It all begins this Saturday, October 11.

John Hibbs
Executive Director
Benjamin Franklin Institute
   of Global Education

***GKD is solely supported by EDC, a Non-Profit Organization***
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