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Community Informatics: Enabling Communities With Information and
Communications Technologies

At the Many Voices, Many Places - Electronically Enabling Communities
for An Information Society Colloquium http://www.ccnr.net/prato2003/
held at the Monash University Centre in Prato, Italy a group of
participants from some 7 countries and representing a variety of
universities and research networks agreed to proceed to the creation of
a formal Community Informatics Research Network (.Org) (CIRN).

There was an agreement by the CIRN Interim Committee of the Whole that
the organization would be open to participation and membership by
individuals, institutions, for profit and not for profit enterprises and
networks, with an active interest and involvement in Community
Informatics Research and particularly those from Developing Countries.
The approach agreed to was also that this organisation would seek to
build a network of the related organizations that for subject, language
or other reasons feel more comfortable operating on their own. In other
words it would be pro-actively facilitating the formation of a
structured open network among CI research groups.

An interim executive steering committee consisting of Michael Gurstein,
NJIT; Peter Day, U. of Brighton; and Don Schauder, Monash U./Wal Taylor,
Central Queensland U., and Larry Stillman of Monash U. as the Interim
Secretary/webmaster was formed to work towards the timely incorporation
of the group as a not for profit society under the Australian
corporations act.

In addition, an invitation was extended by Dr. Peter Day and Brighton
University to host CIRN's first research conference in the spring of
2004. The Founding conference of CIRN it was agreed, would be hosted by
Monash University at the Prato Centre in late September 2004.

It was also agreed that the CI Researchers list
http://vancouvercommunity.net/lists/ciresearchers would be the e-list
for the organization and that a website based on the design developed by
CQU would go on line as soon as possible and hosted by Monash U. in
conjunction with CQU.

Michael Gurstein agreed to provide an interim linkage with the newly
created CI Research Network of the Commonwealth of Independent States
formed in conjunction with the St. Petersburg (BIC) conference

Several members of the Interim Committee of the Whole agreed to liase
with a variety of other CI research networks and specifically the CRACIN
network in Canada and the network which is currently being created in
the United States.

It was further agreed that efforts would be undertaken to find resources
to move forward with the continued development of the Open Archive
Community Informatics Text Book building on the work of Sergei Stafeev,
Mike Gurstein and Michel Menou in the publication in English and Russian
of Community Networking and Community Informatics: Prospects,
Approaches, Instruments Part 1 of a CI Text book (St. Petersburg, 2003)
And the website http://www.ci-text.dr.ag/ ....

A statement to be forwarded to the World Summit on the Information
Society on behalf of CIRN was adopted and will be circulated in a
subsequent message.

Those with an interest in either affiliating with the Network or
learning more about it are invited to subscribe to the Research list or
to the more general Community Informatics interest list.

To subscribe send a message



Subscribe CIResearchers

And/or Communityinformatics


Peter Day, U. of Brighton

Michael Gurstein, NJIT

Don Schauder, Monash U./Wal Taylor, Central Queensland U.

Community Informatics Researchers News: 

* An informal meeting in conjunction with the Information,
Communications and Society Conference at the Oxford Internet Institute
in the UK
agreed that efforts would be undertaken immediately to begin the
development of an on-line journal with interim resource support
committed as available through NJIT/NSF; CIRA in Teeside, UK; Monash U.
in Australia; and the CRACIN Network in Canada. A follow-up meeting to
"brainstorm" on the design and development of the journal will be held
in conjunction with the AoIR meeting in Toronto in October and with an
interim discussion on the CIResearchers e-list as a lead-up to that

* Dr. Peter van den Besselaar, Head of the Social Sciences Department
Netherlands Institute of Scientific Information, Royal Netherlands
Academy of Arts and Sciences, (NIWI-KNAW) presented an important outline
of the scope of Community Informatics Research including its links to
his own work in Digital Cities and related Community Networks, in a
keynote presentation at the Communities and Technology Conference in
http://www-winfo.uni-siegen.de/wulf/CT2003/ .

* Brian Loader and Leigh Keeble of CIRA/U. of Teeside with funding from
the Rowntree Foundation have prepared a most valuable annotated
bibliography of Community Informatics Research which they will be making
available on line in the very near future. It is their intention to keep
this up to date as a continuing resource for the CI Research Community.

* A Workshop bringing together US Community Informatic researchers and
Practitioners was convened in April in Colorado Springs with the
sponsorship of the Ford Foundation and organized by Richard Civille and
Michael Gurstein. It was agreed at that meeting that follow-up action
towards the creation of a US CI Researchers group would be undertaken as
well as a number of other related follow-up initiatives.

* The CQU/COIN team including Wal Taylor and Stewart Marshall have just
published two books including "Using Community Informatics to Transform
Regions" through the Idea Group publishers and "Closing the Digitial
Divide" with Greenwood Publisher. They are pleased to invite Community
Informatics researchers and practitioners to the

Upcoming 5th annual ITiRA conference (IT in Regional Areas) in
Caloundra, Queensland, Dec. http://itira.cqu.edu.au/2003/

* Bulletin: The CRACIN (Canadian Research Alliance For Community
Innovation And Networking) proposal: PI's Andrew Clement, U. of Toronto;
Michael Gurstein, NJIT; and Leslie Shade, Concordia U. has just been
awarded a major 3 year grant from the Canadian Social Sciences and
Humanities Research Council to undertake a series of community
IT/Community Informatics case studies across Canada and in conjunction
with the larger CI Researchers Network. There will be a presentation on
the project at the AoIR conference in Toronto Oct. 17.

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