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The first question is : * Week 1: What activities are bringing
connectivity to under-served communities? (10/27 - 10/31)

The bottom line ..... looking at the question from the point of view of
underserved communities is simply that essentially NO ACTIVITIES ARE

Almost everyone that lives in an underserved community is as lacking in
connectivity today as they were one year ago and five years ago and 10
years ago.

The REAL penetration of connectivity FROM THE VIEW OF THE THE SOUTH is
almost NOTHING.

The sad tragedy is that this is NOT the way it looks from the NORTH.
While a few years ago there were no connectivity projects to visit and
write about, now there are hundreds, maybe thousands. So we get the
IMPRESSION that there has been significant progress. This is B*** S***.
Almost everyone in the poor and hungry world (about 3 billion people at
last count) is as poor and unconnected now as they were before ICT
became fashionable. And will be for the foreseeable future.

There can be activities to bring connectivity to the underserved, but it
will never be done with the organizational and funding framework that
dominates development space today. The technology is available. The
people are available. But the business model and value chain being used
does not optimize what is available and use it to support development,
but organizes to reward investors and corporate management OR
government and the repayment of WB/IMF debt.

The big corporate world has actually created a connectivity monster ...
with $zillions of investment that now is unbelievably surplus to their
needs and obsolete as well. To some extent we have a replay of the AT&T
fiasco of the early 1980s when they suffered from an earlier version of
the corporate obsolescence crisis.

If anyone wants to invest in solutions that use best technology and can
deliver affordable connectivity in the SOUTH, I would like to hear from
them. It is clearly obscene that connectivity costs so much in the
SOUTH when the use of modern technology is so low cost.

I would like to ask the development expert analysts to wake up and do
the numbers. And then change the policy framework and funding


Peter Burgess
Peter Burgess
ATCnet in New York
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