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> * Week 1: What activities are bringing connectivity to under-served
>    communities? (10/27 - 10/31)

NetHope <> has a slightly different model. NetHope is a
consortium of non-profits who work with under-served communities around
the world. NetHope attempts to improve basic community development,
healthcare and relief efforts by connecting case workers who work with
these communities to the Internet and provide them with IP Telephony
services. We have been successful in our endeavors in several difficult
regions of the world in terms of telecom infrastructure, and are in
process of adding 45 countries to the seven we have already addressed
(including Afghanistan, Iraq and Liberia).

> * Week 2: How much bandwidth is necessary to have a real impact on
>    development... and why? (11/3 - 11/7)

For our target locations we have "standardized" on VSAT links with 64
kbps uplink/512 kbps downlink. This serves LANs of 10 PCs or less.  For
smaller 2 to 3 person project sites we are using RBGANs with
32kbps/128kbps. These are desired VSAT/RBGAN rates. Our usual
experience has been 50% to 75% of these numbers based on contention

Dipak Basu                              
Executive Director, NetHope             
Cisco Systems, Inc
170 West Tasman Drive
San Jose, CA 95070, USA
Direct: +1 408 526 4514
Mobile: +1 408 895 9588

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