My name is Leo Waters, from Nigeria. I recently included myself in the
GKD subscription list. I would just like to say 'welcome' to all, and
that I am very humbled by the level of information I have just began to
read about your involvement in overall IT use-growth in under-served
communities of the globe. I appreciate your knowledge and committment. I
am looking forward to what I will also contribute to this high-value
global development, starting with my own local community in Nigeria.

Since a couple of years ago, I have been providing several-hours-a-day
of non-profit computer training to lecturers and students of
universitites and secondary schools in Benin City. I have been juggling
this responsibility with my professional activities (ICT Consultant).

Please, how may I be of direct help?

Leo Waters

Best regards & God bless, 

Leo D. Waters
Cell: +234.802.338.1628
Tel/Fax: +234.052.251022 or 251084

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