Mr. James,

Regarding your last question about linking villages via wireless, you
may want to check in with the Jhai Foundation.  They have been creating
WiFi networks to link villages with each other and the internet in Laos.
 The project website is:



Wire Lunghabo James wrote:

> However I would also like to add that many times when we talk of
> connectivity, we mean having probably a connection to either the
> internet directly or to the telcos etc. Has some one ever thought of
> creating a network of villages linked together probably through wireless
> technologies, enabling these rural folk to communicate with each other
> and exchange information without having to ride a bicycle for 20 kms.
> Eventually, this creates a mesh of villages interconnected and one high
> speed connection probably links to the ISP or Telco. I believe this kind
> of aggregation would prove cheaper and more meaningful for our
> societies. Why in the first case should you try and force a villager to
> communicate with some one in Europe when he still has problems
> communicating with his in-laws 10 kms away ?

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