Here is a bandwidth sharing option I have been thinking about. I plan to
deploy this in Indonesia soon. The idea is to get a business, (perhaps a
bank?) that has some bandwidth in a district setting, to share its
bandwidth with a health center through a wireless access point placed
somewhere near the health facility. If a local business is willing to
share bandwidth with a health facility, the base costs of a router and
wireless access point to enable that are around 125 Euros. Security
software and routines exists to make sure that no one at the health
center can "hack" the host. Then, in pleasant and practical
public-private collaboration, the health entity that gets to connect
wirelessly via the on-all-the-time connection at no extra charge to the
host, can have free bandwidth to use for their ICT needs.

This gives a local business an easy and low-cost way to act in a way
that is socially responsible. There may also be a way for the health
unit to recover some costs by charging some fees for offering VOIP
(Voice over internet protocol) services such as the use of SKYPE or
www.net2phone for contact. Think about how you might apply such a
voluntary Robin Hood scheme. It's technically feasible. I have done it
already on a small scale. In fact, this note come to you via a wireless

Mark Lediard

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