Mark Lediard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Here is a bandwidth sharing option I have been thinking about. I plan to
> deploy this in Indonesia soon. The idea is to get a business, (perhaps a
> bank?) that has some bandwidth in a district setting, to share its
> bandwidth with a health center through a wireless access point placed
> somewhere near the health facility. If a local business is willing to
> share bandwidth with a health facility, the base costs of a router and
> wireless access point to enable that are around 125 Euros. Security
> software and routines exists to make sure that no one at the health
> center can "hack" the host. Then, in pleasant and practical
> public-private collaboration, the health entity that gets to connect
> wirelessly via the on-all-the-time connection at no extra charge to the
> host, can have free bandwidth to use for their ICT needs.
> This gives a local business an easy and low-cost way to act in a way
> that is socially responsible. There may also be a way for the health
> unit to recover some costs by charging some fees for offering VOIP
> (Voice over internet protocol) services such as the use of SKYPE or
> www.net2phone for contact. Think about how you might apply such a
> voluntary Robin Hood scheme. It's technically feasible. I have done it
> already on a small scale. In fact, this note comes to you via a wireless
> setup...

Mark, interesting scheme. The most challenging part, I think, will be
convincing the bank that sharing their bandwidth with a local health
center will be a socially responsible thing to do, especially if they
are aware that the health center will then turn around and use their new
connected state to make money.

I think even the banks will want to set up a monthly payment plan with
the health center where the center pays for their bandwidth usage - even
a nominal fee.

Njideka Ugwuegbu
Reuters Digital Vision Fellow
Stanford University

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