On Friday, November 7, 2003, at 08:26  AM, Cornelio Hopmann wrote:

> Hence: if the alternative is to connect many (and through-out the
> country) by low-bandwidth or a few with megabyte links, go for the
> first. The latter will come -almost by itself- as technology costs fall
> and demand increases.

I would say rather that the different technologies that are available
are so different and so randomly effective it's impossible to say that
either low-bandwidth or high-bandwidth is better. Pragmatically, a more
scatter-shot approach would have more likelihood of succeeding. Launch
many projects with many technologies. Some will work, some won't. Learn
from the failures and repeat the successes. Every time a new technology
comes along give it a chance.

Not only that, but the high cost of a PC or a laptop needs to be
considered. A PC is expensive, whether it's connected to high-bandwidth
or low. So a substantial sum of the total ICT investment isn't going to
change no matter what the bandwidth plan might be.


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