On Monday, November 10, 2003, Ben Parker wrote:

> The other major challenge we face in two remote telecentres
> UNICEF supports in southern Sudan (at least two days from the nearest
> telephone) is the generators. These need lots of fuel and oil and are
> prone to breakdown. Regular desktops are much too greedy for solar 
> power as far as I understand, but I would be interested if anyone can 
> share experiences on solar-powered VSAT?

How much power does a VSAT use? Seems like it must be a lot. Desktops
are definitely not a good idea with solar, but laptops would do fine
with a solar power system, since they generally use less than 10 Watts.
Whereas a desktop PC with a monitor draws maybe 100 Watts.

Instead of using VSAT for backhaul, consider using Wi-Fi for backhaul
connection to the internet. WiFi equipment has very light power
requirements -- solar is defintely used to power Wi-Fi installations in
remote locations.


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