Ben Parker asked about experiences on solar powered VSAT

I don't have time to give details now but can't let the question go by
without brief reference to the Solo. It is designed for rural Africa. I
saw the second generation prototype during field trials in Oke-Ogun. I
undertand that some pre-production versions are now under assembly.  Not
being a "techie" I don't know if there is any difference between "VSAT"
and the satelite connection that Solo was making use of then.

As a potential purchaser I know I won't get hold of one until someone in
Africa sets up a small, locally financed  company, to do small scale
assembly (about 100 units a month). The ethos behind Solo development is
not just to make the *end product* available in rural Africa, but to
*benefit local economies* and to *enable technology transfer through
local assembly*. It is an imaginative combination of leading edge
technology and cottage industry scale assembly! Hurdles to be overcome
are things like problems relating to getting components through customs,
and getting a critical mass of initial orders, to give a small company
the confidence to go forward. That's why I keep plugging the Solo  - I
want one, and I want the project I support in Oke-Ogun to be able to get
them - so I need other people to want them too.

Pam McLean

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