Since much of the Internet technology (laptops, telecentres etc) seems
to be landline based, yet it is cellular telephony that is flourishing
in many of the less developed countries, is there a 'disconnect' here
that may be inhibiting the spread of the Internet to rural areas?...I
just came back from Yemen where cellphones predominate, and coverage has
been obtained over most of the country... so voice connections are now
relatively normal even to remote rural districts...but Internet of
course (notwithstanding the Arabic language issue) is largely confined
just to cities...

John Lawrence

Don Richardson wrote:
> The telephone is the most basic unit of telecommunications service. The
> policies and programs implemented in support of rural telephony services
> are a critical part of the supporting environment for other rural ICT
> initiatives. In most cases rural connectivity can best piggyback on or
> leverage infrastructure that is primarily intended to support rural
> telephony. Among rural populations, voice communications will usually be
> the most immediately useful and easily accessible service (application).

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