On 11/10/03 18:43, Guido Sohne wrote:
> This is very interesting to me but raises some questions related to
> practical use and implementation. It basically seems that 'offline'
> content is being maintained in a somewhat current state by periodically
> syncing with upstream information. You mention satellite broadcasts,
> which imply that the information stream is one way. This makes sense to
> me, because if it was two way, why does one need to mirror content
> locally, except to save bandwidth (still worth doing!)

This brings to mind something that the satellite radio outfit WorldSpace 
is doing. The idea is brilliant, in my opinion. You basically buy this 
satellite radio (approx. $70-100 depending on model). You also buy a 
computer card to interface with the radio. For a fee (that includes the 
card free) of approx. $40, you get unmetered limited internet access. 
The access is limited in the sense that you are restricted to a few 
WorldSpace "approved" websites. This would work great if WorldSpace 
expanded the list of approved sites to include those like Yahoo mail and 
Hotmail. Unfortunately, they don't. For most people, getting cheap 
access to a web-based email system like Yahoo mail is a good start.

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