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> This brings to mind something that the satellite radio outfit WorldSpace
> is doing. The idea is brilliant, in my opinion. You basically buy this
> satellite radio (approx. $70-100 depending on model). You also buy a
> computer card to interface with the radio. For a fee (that includes the
> card free) of approx. $40, you get unmetered limited internet access.
> The access is limited in the sense that you are restricted to a few
> WorldSpace "approved" websites. This would work great if WorldSpace
> expanded the list of approved sites to include those like Yahoo mail and
> Hotmail. Unfortunately, they don't. For most people, getting cheap
> access to a web-based email system like Yahoo mail is a good start.

The great news is that WorldSpace is a strategic partner of the
CampusAxxess solution that I have spoken about in previous messages.
There is now a WorldSpace receiver with a USB connection that plugs
directly into the CampusAxxess content server that hosts the school
network. In addition to caching educational content requested by
teachers and the Ministry of Education in each country, it is also
preloaded with a broad range of curriculum from North American
universities and colleges, K-12 curriculum content in multi-modal
versions (video, text, multimedia) formats. And, it should be noted,
that this content is refreshed nightly with any updates to ensure it
provides the optimal student or user experience.

The WorldSpace connection together with this CampusAxxess "last mile"
solution for any school, campus, or village truly narrows the digital
divide in an affordable and sustainable way. For more info, contact Dr.
S. Rangarajan, Sr. Vice President of WorldSpace at


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