Perhaps we should ask: what could be on the horizon? After all, this is
a question more likely to lead to proposals for action that are feasible
in terms of their possible payoff in the medium term if appropriate action
would be taken now. In that connection I would suggest an examination of
the proposal I put forward in a paper titled "High-tech to the
Rescue?" that I prepared for the WB's Global Knowledge Conference
and is available on my website: <>.

It seems to me that it addresses issues that are relevant to almost all
of the 5 questions that the moderator has put forward as a basis for
discussion. As for the timing factor, the proposed feasibility study
could be undertaken at relatively low cost within the next few years and
the full-scale denouement would stretch into the more distant future.

Morris Miller 
(formerly a WB Senior Economist (with EDI, Policy Planning and
operational divisions) and Executive Director)

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