Simon Woodside wrote:

> I would say rather that the different technologies that are available
> are so different and so randomly effective it's impossible to say that
> either low-bandwidth or high-bandwidth is better.

Maybe it is because we are thinking upside down? We should not first
look at the technology, but the needs (not in technology, the  "social"
needs), then identify how ICT can help address them, then build
"meaningful ICT use" strategies and implement them with what ever
technology is available to answer that question.

I believe all projects should be started like this from the needs, and
build a sustainable capacity to manage ICT integration/appropriation.
Whatever technology is used or available. And IMHO yes, every project,
ICT4D project, is somehow unique, not necessarily scalable, as ICT is
just one element in the complex "development process" equation.


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