WorldSpace is a broadcast system. With a WorldSpace system you are only
capable of receiving data, not sending it. While I think WorldSpace is a
great and wonderful thing, it's very dangerous if people thinking it's a
substitute for the "real thing" which is an internet connection that
allows two-way communication, email, web access, VoIP, web email,
content creation, content sharing ... none of those are possible with

So, if you want to be merely an information consumer ... WorldSpace is
fine. If you want to join the information society, you need something


On Wednesday, November 19, 2003, Robert Miller wrote:

> The WorldSpace connection together with this CampusAxxess "last mile"
> solution for any school, campus, or village truly narrows the digital
> divide in an affordable and sustainable way. For more info, contact Dr.
> S. Rangarajan, Sr. Vice President of WorldSpace at
> <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> or me.

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