For several years I've been searching out partnerships in US business
schools aimed at researching for-profit sector organizations with the
purpose of building internet-based databases with the information
collected. So far, no luck.

However, I keep looking. Why? Because if I can point to a list of
examples that show how specific for-profits use their assets (people,
philanthropy, facilities, technology, etc.) to PULL youth and families
from poverty to self-sufficiency, anyone can use those examples to
motivate other businesses to duplicate those actions in their own
community. At the same time, any for-profit can borrow from the
good-work of others to innovate even more effective ways to help the

Such information can spur creativity and innovation in this field. If a
few (hundreds?) people are collecting and hosting this knowledge,
millions can use it all over the Globe.

If any of you are doing such research, please post links to your web
sites. At the web sites listed below you can see how we library such
links so that others can learn from our efforts.

Thank you.

Daniel F. Bassill 
Cabrini Connections
Tutor/Mentor Connection
Chicago, Il. 60622

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