Simon Woodside wrote:

> WorldSpace is a broadcast system. With a WorldSpace system you are only
> capable of receiving data, not sending it.

I wish to disagree in that we are currently using WorldSpace very
effectively as a global multicast solution to refresh all of the Axxess
servers that Advanced Interactive currently has installed across Africa.
With a dialup line as a "back channel" the server maintains contact with
the global Network Operations Center that remotely manages this entire

In addition to providing high speed local access to Internet content
that is refreshed nightly, the WorldSpace downlink also enables
distributed Distance Learning content to be reliably delivered to every
server through very low cost multicast. Through partnerships with a
number of North American universities projects are being finalized to
deliver curriculum to these distributed servers that sit on the campus
of Universities in China, India, and Africa. This Intellectual Property
is encrypted and totally secure, yet remotely accessible by the content

While WorldSpace in its native state has been a one way channel, this
innovation leverages their low cost delivery medium in exciting new ways
that extends the reach of distributed and e-learning to edges of
habitation, regardless of existing infrastructure. And, as a number of
other satellite providers also provide affordable multicast services,
let us not discount this technology where a differentiated "last mile"
solution can manage its shortcomings and turn 1-way downlink with a
server managed dialup back channel into a viable way of a sustainable
affordable connected community.

Having been in India for the past 2 weeks, I have been able to validate
that this model can be effectively deployed here, as well. This very low
cost turnkey solution utilizes locally sourced, off the shelf technology
that is integrated with the connectivity, content, and remote management
of the user experience. Several major universities and colleges in North
America have licensed their degree and diploma programs to be globally
delivered through this innovative Distributed Distance Education model.
This solution will be demonstrated at the World Summit on Information
Societies in Geneva Switzerland during the week of Dec 8th. For any
participants of this forum who may be attending, please plan to visit
the HP booth which will be powered with this solution, including
satellite partners such as WorldSpace and others.

Robert Miller

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