A couple of interesting sites for info on GIS and development:

1. Integrated Approaches to Participatory Development (IAPAD)'s
"Participatory Avenues" site at <http://www.iapad.org/> - "... aims at
sharing significant progress in visualizing people's spatial knowledge
(cognitive maps) and in providing communities added stake in tailoring
and owning conservation and development initiatives." This takes into
account other techniques as well as GIS. The IAPAD site and contents
have been evolving since I last visited a couple of years ago and is
well worth the visit. (Thanks to Giacomo Rambaldi of CTA
<http://www.cta.int> for reminding me of this - CTA by the way has an
electronic journal, ICT UpDate, that may also be of interest - the
latest issue on livestock [#15 for Jan. 04] has an article on use of GPS
& GIS with herders in Senegal, including use of Pulaar for map

2. Urban and Regional Information Systems Association site at
<http://www.urisa.org/>  Among other things, URISA has sponsored several
PPGIS conferences (public participatory GIS). And they are helpful with
info too.

Don Osborn

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