Dear Colleagues,

This really is a fascinating discussion. So fascinating that I feel
compelled to make my first post - so please be gentle.:)

One observation to the comment on Branding.

I'm not sure I agree with Kevin Jones (or maybe I just missed the
context?) that

> ...the pricing changes coupled to getting externalities to be included
> in the cost of goods sold is a branding issue...

I agree brand is important in terms of increasing the likelihood that
consumers will pay a higher price for goods which cost more because of a
pricing component which compensates for "externalities". In this sense a
particular brand is providing some intangible value to consumers who buy
into (or can be persuaded to buy into) the approach that Kevin outlined

Brand is also doubly important in this context if particular
organizations are acting in isolation in taking on this additional cost
burden while competitive products or services continue to enjoy a free

However I'm guessing that regulation/legislation forcing or
incentivising (maybe through tax breaks) all producers of a particular
product or service to internalize  some of the external costs of
production - and therefore create a level playing field for all -  plays
a more important role here. Especially for products and services which
are becoming more commoditized and consumers are therefore buying more
on price than values or attributes associated with a particular brand.

Just my 2 cents.

Regards to all,


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