What is the phrase "crawl,walk, run, fly". It sounds like someone in
Nigeria wants to skip the first three stages and go straight to flying.
On the other hand there is a chicken and egg problem here to mix
metaphors. Why train/educate people in basic sciences if there are no
jobs for them to apply their knowledge and skills? The challenge, it
would seem, is to find an engine consistent with current conditions that
runs on part economic development, infrastructure, training, higher
education, venture capital and government support. Once the engine is
running sufficiently to enable the full life-cycle of elementary
education through job aquisition, it can be revved up to drive down the
path toward a Technology Village.

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On 12/03/2004, Femi Oyesanya <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> A recent Nigerian Newspaper article cited the Nigerian Minister of the
> Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nasir El-Rufai, as saying that the
> Nigerian Government has given the approval for the building of a
> Technology Village. Nigeria will be building its own Silicon Valley on a
> 650 hectare property, located in a suburb of the Federal Capital city,
> Abuja.
> The Newspaper article quoted El-Rufai as saying, "we want to create a
> city of knowledge in Abuja. And on the way to the airport, we have got
> about 650 hectares of land we have reserved out of the Abuja
> master-plan. What we hope to do with the technology village, which is
> going to cost us between $300 to $400 million is to have the highest
> quality infrastructure attracting the best brains in information and
> bio-technology, pharmaceutical and Information Technology (IT) research
> to work in Abuja." (1)


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