An excellent example of the use of ICT for disaster relief is the

blog website. It "emerged" over the last few days through the efforts
of volunteers and bloggers from around the world, and provides faster
and more comprehensive news, information and updates about the disaster
than most of the single agency "official" sites.

They have also worked to organise the information they are receiving
into an emergency database at Wiki:

Please pass these links on to people and agencies affected by or
responding to the disaster. Thank you.

Amer Jabry

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On 12/29/04, "Global Knowledge Dev. Moderator" wrote:

> Our hearts go out to the millions of people affected by the devastating
> earthquake and tsunami that hit South Asia and Southeast Asia on Sunday.
> We hope that our members in all of the affected countries are safe,
> along with their families. If any GKD members have information on the
> use of ICT for disaster relief that they would like to share, we will
> forward the information to relief organizations.
> Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who have been struck by this
> terrible disaster.


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