Dear Colleagues,

With all due respect, what Timothy has outlined here is what is known in
my world as the "Good Enough" solution. Forgive me if I interpreted your
position incorrectly Timothy, but as I understand it, you believe we
should build dirt roads out of the cow paths because people in Nigeria
are only capable of crawling and maybe - just maybe - we can someday
teach them to walk.

I will apologize in advance if I misunderstood you but I find that
attitude condescending and outright insulting.

For less money than it would cost to build dirt roads I know we can
build highways. Furthermore, once the highways are put in place I will
bet that Nigerians will find successful ways of using it.

Is that a bold statement? No, it is an accurate statement but only if
the hurdles are removed that stand in the way of our ability to
accomplish this. What are these hurdles? Among others, the worst
offender is the archaic legislation that was written in another time to
protect a telecommunications industry that has completely failed in its
assigned task.

What amazes me is that specifically in Nigeria, we can roll out a better
than "Good Enough" network with no additional influx of money - not one
red cent - if the powers that be will change their mindset and allow us
access to the infrastructure that is already in place.



Ken DiPietro

On 12/28/04, Timothy A Gilbert wrote:

> What is the phrase "crawl,walk, run, fly". It sounds like someone in
> Nigeria wants to skip the first three stages and go straight to flying.
> On the other hand there is a chicken and egg problem here to mix
> metaphors. Why train/educate people in basic sciences if there are no
> jobs for them to apply their knowledge and skills? The challenge, it
> would seem, is to find an engine consistent with current conditions that
> runs on part economic development, infrastructure, training, higher
> education, venture capital and government support. Once the engine is
> running sufficiently to enable the full life-cycle of elementary
> education through job aquisition, it can be revved up to drive down the
> path toward a Technology Village.

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