Dear Colleagues,

I am copying you with this situation brief on the Asian coastal disaster
and business engagement in relief and recovery. This went out from IBLF
today in Australia, London, Hong Kong and USA and distributed by our
IBLF International Tourism Partnership (whose corporate members have
100s of properties in the region), and will be published elsewhere. It
draws on our experience in working with CEOs of the major global tourism
and hotel companies. However, it is relevant to all business operating
in the Indian Ocean rim and concerned to review what to do in backing up
official and agency rescue, relief and recovery efforts. In our
conversations with the World Bank and emergency aid services and others
it is clear that the human losses will mount considerably and how things
are approached for the longer-term is critical. Please feel free to
forward it on to colleagues and contacts who may find it useful.

The brief was issued in New York, London and Hong Kong with a media
advisory with the kind assistance of Edelman Worldwide Media Services
and the document can be downloaded from

We would value your feedback.


International Business Leaders Forum 
International Tourism Partnership 


What role for business leadership in the wake of Asia's coastal

The undersea earthquake off Indonesia and the resulting freak surge of
tsunamis across the Indian Ocean, swept thousands of unsuspecting
villagers and holiday-makers to their deaths and left devastated
communities and tourism facilities. As the death toll climbs, hotels
have become makeshift morgues, communities mourn, health risks rise and
authorities and agencies engage in the relief task. Industry leaders in
the region and across the world may ask what they can do to assist? 
Business cannot escape getting involved in the rescue and aftermath for
both humanitarian and business reasons. Tourism is essentially
community based and engaged in the fabric of poor communities around the
world. The challenge for regional and international business leaders
will soon be to take a lead and engage in support of the public
authorities in an even more critical role - aligned to their valuable
management and logistical skills and infrastructure, applied to relief
and recovery. That is to help save economies and communities from a
further wave of social and economic catastrophe. This situation brief
drawing on experience of the tourism industry aims to help managers and
business leaders think through their longer term role.

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