Development Gateway Launches Software Tool For International Relief and
Development Coordination

January 11, 2005 - The Development Gateway Foundation has launched an
open source software tool that organizations can use to coordinate
international relief and development efforts. Called the Local Projects
Database (LPD), this tool can be downloaded from the web. See

"The Development Gateway enables the exchange of information essential
to relief and development coordination," said Development Gateway Chief
Executive Officer Alan J. Rossi. "These information needs have never
been greater, as organizations from around the world try to coordinate
efforts to save victims of the recent tsunami and rebuild their future."

Launching the LPD is one of several ways the Development Gateway is
supporting the tsunami relief and reconstruction effort. Others include:

* Putting its global web portal of development information at the
service of relief and development organizations for the immediate crisis
and long-term recovery effort. On the Development Gateway portal,
development professionals are already posting and accessing relevant
news and information on subjects including food delivery, effective aid
approaches, and the use of information technology in relief and
recovery. See <>

* Regional and local development portals supported by the Development
Gateway, known as Country Gateways, are also providing platforms for
information exchange. Among them are Country Gateways in Australia,
Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam

* The dgMarket online public tendering service is available for posting
procurement contracts that come up for bid during the reconstruction.
See <>

The LPD, developed with the Romania Development Gateway and World
Resources Institute, consolidates project, organization, and contact
data to share among development organizations at work in a particular
country or region, enabling communications among these organizations
through a web interface. The LPD is based on well-accepted standards for
the exchange of project information, currently used by a Development
Gateway directory known as AiDA (Accessible Information on Development
Activities) to gather and post project information from nearly 200
development organizations.

The LPD is already being piloted by Country Gateways in Colombia,
Mongolia, Morocco, Poland, and Romania. For instance, the Morocco
Development Gateway and United Nations Development Programme are using
the LPD to generate an annual report on development assistance in

The open source approach to designing applications has been heralded for
its potential to make information technology more affordable and better
tailored to the needs of developing nations. Under the open source
approach, applications can be created by a community of software
developers anywhere in the world, rather than a single vendor. The
source code is available for any organization to modify to its own

Karen Lynch
Development Gateway Foundation
tel: +1.202.572.9216

The Development Gateway Foundation <> is an
enabler of development. We help improve people's lives in developing
countries by building partnerships and information systems that provide
access to knowledge for development. The Development Gateway is an
independent not-for-profit organization based in Washington, DC.

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