Hi GLAM-Wiki Folks,

With the cooperation of IFLA, we have been working on white papers. We have
prepared the below email to forward to library communities in your context
to solicit feedback on the draft white papers. Please share with your
partners and community coordinators.

Also if you are on social media, we would welcome sharing of the following:



I hope you get a chance to engage, and that these papers prove useful for
your outreach efforts.


Alex Stinson
GLAM-Wiki Strategist
Wikimedia Foundation

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Hello all,

As you probably have noticed, in the last few years more and more library
communities are engaging with Wikipedia as a tool for teaching our patrons
effective internet research, but also as contributors of Wikimedia
projects, through projects like Art and Feminism
<http://art.plusfeminism.org/>and the #1lib1ref campaign

But these kinds of collaborations, only scratch the surface -- whole
networks of libraries are integrating Wikipedia into their professional
work of sharing knowledge, and using it as a tool for serving their
patrons. Take for example the public libraries in Catalonia: nearly 200
libraries are actively contributing to Wikimedia projects, as an effort to
preserve Catalan language and culture.

Since early 2016, IFLA Headquarters and the Wikipedia Library Team at the
Wikimedia Foundation, have been supporting a group of Wikipedians and
Library experts in writing two white papers on the opportunities for
library and Wikipedia collaboration. Initial drafts of these papers were
presented at the WLIC 2016, and were well received.

We hope to continue to refine these papers, and we need your help to do it:
though the committees that wrote the papers include leading experts on
these collaboration, we know that their are hundreds of leaders in library
and Wikipedia communities who also have valuable  experience with these
important partnerships. We hope to revise the current drafts to fully
reflect the global experience of Wikipedia and Library collaborators.

To this end, we invite you to join our open commenting period on the white
papers, that just opened on September 19 and will remain open through
October 31st. Instructions for commenting, are available in the following
Google docs:


   Opportunities for Public Libraries and Wikipedia

   Opportunities for Academic and Research Libraries and Wikipedia

Thank you for your time! And please feel free to share the invitation for
comment widely!


Alex Stinson, GLAM-Wiki Strategist, Wikimedia Foundation

Julia Brungs, Policy and Research Officer, IFLA


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