Ian Collier writes:
> I had to add GhcHcOpts=-H12m to my build file to get it to stop complaining
> (12m was a guess, but the default of 6m was definitely too small).  I would
> have thought this would have been added as necessary by the developers to
> avoid me having to increase the size globally - it's also not the sort of
> thing I would expect to know before starting the compilation.

The settings in the ghc/compiler Makefile should cope with 0.29
compiles *without* -O (on 32 bit machines). There's a known problem
with Time in ghc/lib, it needs a bigger heap than what it was given in
2.05 (-H12m instead of -H10m). If you compile with -O, there's
currently no way of automatically scaling these heap settings, I'm

One general solution to this inconvenience would be to have an RTS
that could grow its heap upon exhaustion..

> Anyway...
> Question 1: Why doesn't "make check" do any tests?

The hooks are there, but we've yet to integrate any post-build system
checks into the distribution. If you manage to build the prelude and
system libraries, there's a fair chance that things are sane though.

> Question 2: Why doesn't "make install" install any docs?  

No good reason, other than it being hard to second guess which types
of documentation you want installed by default - html, info, dvi ?

However, at the very least there should be support for controlling
this together with an install-docs target.

> Question 3: How do I even make the docs?  

You'll have to give the doc target, e.g., 'make dvi', in the
directory containing the .lit files. (make sure the dependencies
were generated correctly during the initial `make boot').

Thanks for the feedback,


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