Me again... :-(

After my success at compiling ghc-2.05 on SunOS 4, I am now attempting it
on sparc-sun-solaris2.5.1 and i386-unknown-solaris2.5 and both of them
have stopped with this:

ghc-0.29 -cpp -fhaskell-1.3 -fglasgow-exts -DCOMPILING_GHC -Rghc-timing -I. -I
codeGen -InativeGen -Iparser -iutils -ibasicTypes -itypes -ihsSyn -iprelude -i
rename -itypecheck -ideSugar -icoreSyn -ispecialise -isimplCore -istranal -ist
gSyn -isimplStg -icodeGen -iabsCSyn -imain -ireader -iprofiling -iparser -inat
iveGen -fomit-derived-read -fomit-reexported-instances -DOMIT_DEFORESTER -O -H
20m    -c absCSyn/PprAbsC.lhs -o absCSyn/PprAbsC.o -osuf o

"codeGen/ClosureInfo.hi", line 72:
    undefined type constructor: StgSyn.StgBinderInfo

"codeGen/ClosureInfo.hi", line 74:
    undefined type constructor: CgMonad.CgInfoDownwards

"codeGen/ClosureInfo.hi", line 74: undefined type constructor: CgMonad.CgState

[snip more of the same]

Compilation had errors
make: *** [absCSyn/PprAbsC.o] Error 1

(and is there any way to get "make all" abort if "cd ghc/compiler;make all"
has errors?)

Oddly enough it compiles OK if I take the -O out, so perhaps I'll continue
with that (it occurs to me that I probably didn't compile the sunos one
with the -O flag.  [pause]  yes, it doesn't work with -O on sunos either).


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