#7314: GHCi 64-bit OS X segfaults on interaction with C-libraries
 Reporter:  darchon     |          Owner:                                    
     Type:  bug         |         Status:  new                               
 Priority:  normal      |      Component:  Compiler                          
  Version:  7.4.1       |       Keywords:  GHCi external library 64-bit gloss
       Os:  MacOS X     |   Architecture:  x86_64 (amd64)                    
  Failure:  GHCi crash  |       Testcase:                                    
Blockedby:              |       Blocking:                                    
  Related:              |  

Comment(by george.colpitts):

 also fails in 7.4.2 rc2, HP 2012.4.0.0

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