#7311: -odir option changes .o and .hi names of main source file to Main.hi/o
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Comment(by slyfox):

 Replying to [comment:1 simonmar]:
 > This is the intended behaviour, and it is documented:
 > Consider this:
 > {{{
 >   $ ghc -odir out ../src/foo.hs
 > }}}
 > where do you want the object file to go?
 > If you're using `-odir`, why not put the output files in separate

 I'd expect it to be '''out/foo.{o,hi}''', or '''out/src/foo.{o,hi}'''
 (whatever is used by other non-Main modules).

 I see. It's a bit more complicated, than I thought.

 My initial use case was like that:

   -- layout: tool1.hs tool2.hs ToolModule{1..10}.hs
   -- and both tools use those ToolModule{1..10}.hs
   $ ghc --make -odir vanilla tool1.hs
   $ ghc --make -odir vanilla tool2.hs

   $ ghc --make -odir prof -prof tool1.hs
   $ ghc --make -odir prof -prof tool2.hs

 where both tools would reuse some (10) of common module depends.

 Custom Makefile did consider all %.hs get translated to %.o and %.hi.

 As I understand it might be incorrect to assume that ToolModule*.hi
 won't change when compiled against different tool{1,2}.hs files
 (if we lack type signatures in those modules they might be dependent on
 tool{1,2}.hs users), but it's already the problem for standard case:

   $ ghc --make tool1.hs
   $ ghc --make tool2.hs

 But that's a bit confusing to suddently change main file's name to Main.o
 especially for '-odir .'

 Thanks for the pointers!

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