#7391: "The 'impossible' happened" trying to derive Binary for a data instance
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      Type:  bug                 |         Status:  closed 
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 Component:  Compiler            |        Version:  7.4.1  
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        Os:  MacOS X             |   Architecture:  x86    
   Failure:  Compile-time crash  |     Difficulty:  Unknown
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 This is a bug in the `derive` package, not in GHC. The full message looks
 like this
     Exception when trying to run compile-time code:
       Could not convert Dec to Decl
 TySynD T7391.ADataCmd [] (AppT (ConT T7391.Cmd) (AppT (ConT T7391.Id)
 (ConT T7391.AData)))
 Language\Haskell\Convert.hs:(37,14)-(40,8): Non-exhaustive patterns in

     Code: derive makeBinary ''ADataCmd
 And indeed the `Convert` module of the `derive` package has this
 instance Convert TH.Dec HS.Decl where
     conv x = case x of
         DataD cxt n vs con ds -> f DataType cxt n vs con ds
         NewtypeD cxt n vs con ds -> f NewType cxt n vs [con] ds
             f t cxt n vs con ds = DataDecl sl t (c cxt) (c n) (c vs) (c
 con) []
 Notice taht there are only two cases in the `case` expression. Your
 program uses a `data family` which is not dealt with by these two cases.

 Perhaps you need to talk to Neil Mitchell, who is the mainainer of

 I'll close as invalid for now; please reopen if you think it's GHC's


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