#7413: runghc (runhaskell) should be able to reload code on editing
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 Hot code reloading on file edit is an incredibly useful feature for server

 Right now several Haskell web frameworks are able to reload code on file
 edits, however there does not seem to be a simple way to use code reloader
 from one of them without finding yourself up to the neck in the framework.

 It seems to me that the best thing what can be done is a flag to runghc /

 runghc --reload MyServer.hs

 It should watch for changes in the main file and all imported modules (or
 at least imported modules in the current folder).

 A nice addition would be an ability to specify more files to watch

 runghc --reload-watch *.some.weird.haskell.js  --reload MyServer.hs

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