#7406: -ddump-ds does not turn on -fforce-recomp
    Reporter:  goldfire                 |       Owner:  igloo       
        Type:  bug                      |      Status:  new         
    Priority:  normal                   |   Milestone:  7.8.1       
   Component:  Compiler                 |     Version:  7.7         
    Keywords:                           |          Os:  MacOS X     
Architecture:  Unknown/Multiple         |     Failure:  None/Unknown
  Difficulty:  Easy (less than 1 hour)  |    Testcase:              
   Blockedby:                           |    Blocking:              
     Related:                           |  

Comment(by igloo):

 OK, looks like this is deliberate:
 forceRecompile :: DynP ()
 -- Whenver we -ddump, force recompilation (by switching off the
 -- recompilation checker), else you don't see the dump! However,
 -- don't switch it off in --make mode, else *everything* gets
 -- recompiled which probably isn't what you want
 forceRecompile = do dfs <- liftEwM getCmdLineState
                     when (force_recomp dfs) (setGeneralFlag
           force_recomp dfs = isOneShot (ghcMode dfs)
 I think it would be best to just adjust the docs to match.

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