#7451: Constraint and * should not be distinct in FC
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   Component:  Compiler          |     Version:  7.7             
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 With GHC 7.7 this program
 class B a where
     b :: a

 newtype Additive a = Additive a

 instance B a => B (Additive a) where
    b = Additive b
 produces a Core Lint error:
 *** Core Lint errors : in result of Simplifier ***
 {-# LINE 8 "T6117.hs #-}: Warning:
     [RHS of T6117.$fBAdditive :: forall a_aeG.
                                  T6117.B a_aeG =>
                                  T6117.B (T6117.Additive a_aeG)]
     Bad axiom application (check_ki2 Sym
                                        (T6117.NTCo:B (T6117.NTCo:Additive
       T6117.NTCo:B (Sym (T6117.NTCo:B (T6117.NTCo:Additive <a_XeN>)))
 The reason is that while kinds `Constraint` and `*` should be distinct so
 far as the type inference engine is concerned, they should not be
 distinguished in Core, ie System FC.

 This ticket is culled from #6117, which was really about something else.

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