#2431: allow empty case analysis
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Changes (by goldfire):

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 Now that GHC is getting more dependently typed features, an empty case
 seems more useful. For example, I would like to define the following:

 data a :==: b where
   Refl :: a :==: a

 data EmptySet
 type Not a = a -> EmptySet

 type DecidableEquality (a :: k) (b :: k) = Either (a :==: b) (Not (a :==:

 data SBool :: Bool -> * where
   SFalse :: SBool False
   STrue :: SBool True

 eqBoolDec :: SBool a -> SBool b -> DecidableEquality a b
 eqBoolDec SFalse SFalse = Left Refl
 eqBoolDec STrue STrue = Left Refl
 eqBoolDec SFalse STrue = Right (\case {})
 eqBoolDec STrue SFalse = Right (\case {})

 Even if empty pattern matches were allowed, I recognize that this would
 just produce an (erroneous) incomplete pattern match warning, because of
 bug #3927. But, once that is fixed, empty pattern matches would have a new
 lease on life.

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